MySunset App

Sunrise. Sunset. Sometimes the sky lights up with amazing color, other times.. not so much. MySunset provides a sunrise & sunset forecast for the next 5 days as well as notifications for great forecasts. Don’t miss the next great sunset!

About the app

MySunset is an iPhone and android app that uses weather data provided by to calculate the potential for color for upcoming sunrises and sunsets.  The calculation is based on cloud cover, chance of precipitation, and more. The best sunrises happen when there is 50-75% cloud cover, but low cloud cover beyond the horizon where the sun is rising.

Location Example

Location List

The main screen is a tabular view showing a list of custom locations, and is most people’s favorite view. Each location displays a percentage and corresponding color representing the quality of the sunrise/sunset as well as what time the sun will rise and set. Tapping on a day will show you weather data related to the sunrise/sunset. Here you can see cloud cover, chance of precipitation, temperature, and more. Keep in mind that the forecast changes multiple times per day. Today’s forecast will be more accurate than 3 days from now.

iPhone Notifications


Get a notification sent to your phone when a sunrise or sunset is predicted to be great! Notifications are configurable per location. Choose how high of a threshold you want to be notified and how soon you want to be notified – anywhere from 1 to 36 hours prior to sunset.

Interactive map

Interactive Map

The final screen is an interactive map with an overlay showing the forecasted quality of upcoming sunrises and sunsets. By default, your current location is shown on the map. The next sunrise or sunset will be shown. If today’s sunset has already happened, it will automatically change to tomorrow’s sunrise. Use the days at the top of the screen to view future sunrises/sunsets.


Sunrise over Utah hoodoos

Sunrise at Little Egypt, Utah – forecast was 85%

Data Quality

Just like weather forecasts, sunrise and sunset forecasts are far from perfect. However, when the forecast is high, there is a good chance the sunrise or sunset will be amazing. Some of the best sunrises and sunsets I have captured have been due to this data.

Tips & Tricks

The forecast shows how the sky will light up at a specific location. If you are using the app for photography, you will want to know the sunset prediction for your subject, not your location. For example, Vermillion Lakes is a popular location to shoot in Banff National Park. However, the main subject is Mount Rundle. Instead of using “Vermillion Lakes” as a location, I would use “Mount Rundle”. This will show the predicted quality of the sky over the mountain.

What do the numbers mean?
  • 0-25%: Little to no color, with precipitation or a thick cloud layer often blocking a direct view of the sun.
  • 25-50%: Some color for a short time, with conditions ranging from mostly cloudy, or hazy, to clear, with little to no clouds at all levels.
  • 50-75%: A fair amount of color, often multi-colored, lasting a considerable amount of time. Often caused by scattered clouds at multiple levels.
  • 75-100%: Extremely vibrant color lasting 30 minutes or more. Often caused by multiple arrangements of clouds at multiple levels, transitioning through multiple stages of vivid color.
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